Good News: Jesus is the Messiah Part 1

Freedom in Christ frees us from religious practices unrelated to salvation

Galatians 5:1 Christ having made us gloriously free—stand fast and do not again be hampered with the yoke of slavery.

Israel had come out of the captivity of Egypt and settled along the eastern shore of “the Great Sea” or Mediterranean sea.

The children of Israel (or the families of the patriarch Jacob) were eventually organized as two nations. The northern nation was called Israel and a southern nation called Judah. Each nation had its on line of kings as well as its own laws and religions.

The southern nation of Judah was more loyal to the Old Covenant laws. Their worship often revolved around the Temple sacrifices.

The northern nation of Israel attempted to separate themselves from Judah and abandoned worship at the Jerusalem temple. They adopted the “gods” of the surrounding peoples.

The Assyrian and Babylonian empires eventually made war with these two nations.

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